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Tues - Sat from 8:00am - 5:00pm

Four Dogs Rates

Dogs -

Our full grooming prices are set by four determining factors: breed, size, coat and hair style. Call for approximate pricing for your dog.

Cats -

$35 - $40 for Baths
$50 - $60 for full grooms

For details on our grooming services please visit our services page.

Specialty packages for dogs are available, for an additional fee, for those who wish their pets to receive a more “spa” type grooming experience:

Bath and Brush only for Dogs : $20 - $35
This is a great service for between full grooming appointments.

Face, Feet and Fanny for Dogs: $15 - $20
No appointment necessary for this service, which covers a face, feet and fanny care - no bath.



We only have a few rules at Pampered Pup and they are all about safety.