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Services for Dogs and CatsNicely Groomed Poodle

Full Groom

A full groom includes the hair cut of your choice, ear cleaning, nail trimming, anal gland expression, bath and brush out with dry. The grooming process involves four steps: rough cut, bath, brush-out with dry, and finishing cut. All grooms are finished with hand scissoring. The pet receives a break in between each step so that the grooming process is more enjoyable for them. This usually takes three to four hours, size and coat determine final times.


Bath and Brush

In between full grooming, appointments for a bath and a brush are available. This includes a bath, nail and ear check, and a brush out with dry.

Face, Feet and Fanny

This service is a no appointment necessary service that covers face, feet and fanny care - no bath or brushing.

Total Paw Care

Pawdicures” are a great way to spoil your four legged friend. Several colors of pet safe nail polish are available upon request. We trim nails with every groom and have the knowledge and equipment to file your pet’s nails comfortably. A paw massage includes not only massage of pads and webbing but deep moisturizing as well. Lavish Pets “pawdicure” foot scrub is designed to keep pads from becoming cracked and dry or heal already dry pads.

Beautiful Golden RetrieverSkin Care

If your pet has skin or allergy problems, we offer over 35 DVM approved shampoo options including medicated, hypoallergenic and specialty shampoos specifically for skin problems. These are the same shampoos you see at your vet's office.

We are pleased to offer these new products:

FURminator® shampoo and conditioner: this product is used to control shedding with Omega 3 fatty acids. It helps remove undercoat and loose hair before brushing.

Sheazam® Shea butter shampoo: Our antimicrobial shampoo that helps provide relief from itching caused by various skin infections and dermal inflammations. It also helps in repairing and promoting hair regrowth.

Zymox® shampoo and conditioner: This shampoo uses an enzyme system to provide a convenient, safe and effective way to help treat and prevent various skin infections. It is most commonly used to fight yeast infections.

Green Flea and Insect Shampoo: Our all natural flea shampoo is the best! It is Ph-balanced, non-toxic and does not contain pyrethrins. It also provides a soothing relief from conditions caused by insect bites. It kills fleas, ticks and lice on contact!

We will also use your own shampoo as long as it is dog safe or prescribed by a vet. We will help you find what works best for you and your dog.

Dye Your Dog

Most pets are happy with their natural hair color but for the few who wish they were someone else we do color treatments. This process works best on white or light coat dogs. The hair color is pet safe and vegetable based so no strong chemicals will bother the sensitive skin of your pet. Full body color is available as well as only ears or tail. It is a semipermanent color so it will last through six to eight washes so be sure you like the color you choose. Temporary color spray and sparkles that can be brushed or washed out are also available.

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Services - Cats

kittyDoes your cat have hairballs, matts, fleas, sharp nails, dandruff or smell bad?

It might be time to groom your cat. Regular grooming can include a bath & brush, with or without a hair cut, nails cut, and ears cleaned. Having your kitty done on a regular basis will decrease shedding and odor; helps cut down on dandruff, and eliminates any fleas or ticks.

Not all cats need a haircut. Sometimes they just need a little fluff and puff to keep them healthy and beautiful. And for the extra fluffy, we offer lion cuts or natural looks wilt a sanitary trim.

We offer shampoos for all skin types from oily to dry, itchy, sensitive, or special needs, such as medicated shampoos and shampoos to help with shedding. Our Flea and Tick shampoo is the best on the market; it kills adults, larva and eggs on contact without using harsh chemicals.

Have your kitty looking pretty and feeling fabulous.

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